Crazy Little Thing Called Life // Confessions of A "Blogger"

I don't even know where to start.

Well, it's officially been almost 2 years since I posted on this website. I guess my excuse is... life? Laziness? Social Media? Basically, I want to apologize for being a slacker. I don't really have a great excuse, other than Instagram posts take a lot less time (can I get an amen from every blogger in the world?). 

I'm sitting here trying to figure out what I want to say, and this post is extremely impromptu, so I apologize in advance for the rambling that is about to occur. 

Here it goes...

I have never really considered myself a "blogger". Yeah, I had some social media followers, and a website that I randomly posted on every once in a while, but I kind of feel like me calling myself a blogger would be an insult to those who actually are bloggers (we should play a game where you have to drink every time I say the word blogger in this post... cue the Power Hour music and scrunchy to hold your hair back while you toss your cookies), because they spend hours and hours getting pictures taken, editing photos, researching, composing posts, etc. I literally snap a mirror selfie once every 4 months and slap that thing on Instagram. So I guess I am starting out by apologizing to those who have dedicated their life to this, because I can never equate my work with theirs.

I am going to start blogging again, but this time, it is going to be different. My life is in a completely different place than it was 4 years ago (almost 5- HOLY CRAP. I. AM. OLD.) The single, childless, recent college grad whose biggest concern was trying to defer my student loans as long as possible so I could buy new clothes I didn't need (shout out to the real MVPs who stuck with me through all of that annoying mess), is a completely different person. This time around there will be a mix of me rambling about random things, sharing my favorite things with you, being completely honest about as much as I possibly can, and hopefully encouraging a few of you a long the way :)

Suggestions from y'all about what to post about are gladly welcome, as well as questions you may have for me. I love hearing from you, whether it be email, Instagram, or any other form you choose! I will try to be as brutally honest as possible, so be forewarned if bluntness isn't your attribute of choice in a blogger.

One last thing I would like to add... If you post on anonymous websites like GOMI, or make nasty comments towards anyone on any form of social media as an anonymous presence, you are pathetic. The fact that you feel the need to talk so much trash about someone who you may or may not personally know, shows what a troll you are. To those of you who read that trash... My only hope is that anything you read, posted about anyone, on those types of websites is taken as fiction. Isn't it weird that complete strangers who won't identify themselves know so much more about your own life than you do? PSA- I googled myself 1 time about 2 years ago and haven't since. So when someone decides to post about the comments I just made, just know I won't see it. I'll be too busy living my life while you sit in your parent's basement playing Zelda for the rest of your miserable adulthood :)

See, I told y'all... blunt.