Featured Boutique: Blossoms

Blossoms is one of my absolute favorite boutiques! Not only is it in my hometown of Owensboro, Kentucky, but it is the only store of its kind within a 3 hour radius! Blossoms opened 9 years ago and was started by Vicki and Jessica, the cutest mother/daughter team ever, and they still run the store together today! Blossoms is my go to boutique for the perfect date night outfit, dress for a special occasion, or gift for that special friend! Here are a few of my favorite looks from Blossoms. Be sure to check out their website (YES! YOU CAN SHOP ONLINE!), like their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram: @shopblossoms. 

I spy Sail to Sable!

This Annie Griffin Teal Robin Dress is one of my favorites!

In love with this print by Julie Brown!

Bright colors and polka dots! My favorite! Get it here

Love this top by Annie Griffin. One of my favorite designers!

This Julie Brown dress has such amazing colors!

Love this Tracy Negoshian dress!

This Ellen & Ollie dress is adorable!

Back of the Ellen & Ollie dress!

This Petal Trim Sleeve top is adorable!

Blossoms also carries jewelry, intimates, TOMS, and lots of other things! Be sure to check out their website and get your shop on!



Summer Essentials

It is so close to summertime! Which means tan skin, bleach blonde hair (well, for us blondes anyway), sundresses, wedges/sandals, and bikinis! I have put together a list of a few must haves for summer to show y'all what I can't go without when the weather starts getting warmer.

Jack Rogers Navajo Sandals

My Jack's are one of my favorite pairs of shoes and I am DYING to be able to wear them all the time! These are definitely an essential for your summer wardrobe. They have so many colors and styles to choose from... you can even get some MONOGRAMMED! Shop all of their styles and colors here!

Rah Rah Designs Monogrammed Bikini

I stumbled upon Rah Rah Designs recently and have absolutely fell in love. We all know I love anything monogrammed, and we all know I love ruffles. Rah Rah has made a bikini with a monogram top and ruffled bottom! I almost died when I saw it. They also have lots of other styles to choose from. Head on over to their website to see all the goodies they have to make you look pretty on the beach!

Fiji by Essie Nail Polish

If you follow me on Instagram (a_southern_lady), you know that I get my nails done entirely too often, and that my go to color is Fiji by Essie. I LOVE THIS COLOR. It is the perfect neutral shade, but is also white enough to be noticeable. Get it here!

Kenra 25 Hairspray

The Lord has blessed me with some big hair, and the I have tried almost hairspray known to man. My favorite hairspray to hold these blonde locks in place is Kenra 25. IT IS THE BOMB. I have used this hairspray for about 2 years and I will never switch to anything else! Get it here.

Chanel UV Essentiel Sunscreen

Y'all know that a girl's skin is sacred. I love being tan as much as everyone else, but you also have to think about your skin in the long run. My go to sunscreen is Chanel UV Essentiel SPF 20. It is light enough to still allow you to get a tan, but heavy enough to protect you from sunburn. 

Tory Burch Fedora

Tory Burch is a style genius and I am absolutely in love with this grosgrain fedora. It is perfect to throw on at the pool, to go shopping, or to ride around in a convertible. I will definitely be rockin this hat this summer! Get it here.

Get ready for the warm weather because it will be here so soon!



Southernly Stated

We all know I am loud and proud about being a southerner, and nothing shows my pride more than my t-shirts and tanks from Southernly Stated! Whether you're looking to go the American route, wanting to sport your favorite team on game day, or just wanting to make sure everyone knows you grew in the God-graced South, Southernly Stated has you covered. Here are just a few of my favorites from them that you can find on their website (be sure to tell them A Southern Lady sent you when you check out!):

Not only does Southernly Stated have you covered with t-shirts and tanks, but they also have koozies and croakies! Get them here.

Y'all know I love my sunnies, shoes, jewels and boys! This shirt is perfection!


Let's go Tar Heels! Don't worry Duke fans, they have y'all covered too.

Loving those mason jars! Truly a southern touch!

This tank and t-shirt are perfect for 4th of July!

The classic Southernly Stated t-shirt is one of my favorites!

I know St.Patrick's Day just passed... but who wouldn't want to kiss a southerner??

Be sure to check out their website and see all the great things they have to offer! When you check out, let them know A Southern Lady sent you! ;)



Cotton Snaps!

I have recently fallen in love with Cotton Snaps. I always loved "croakies", but Cotton Snaps has taken them to a whole new, awesome level. These snaps are not only pretty, but they are so easy to wash and take care of! I personally LOVE the fact that they are held together by magnets on the end so I can just pop them off from around my neck without messing my hair up-- Can I get an amen from the ladies?

The colors and patterns to choose from are awesome. I love that I can pick a Cotton Snaps pair to match my Carolina Cup dress, another to match my favorite bikini for this summer at the beach, an American themed one to rock at the lake on 4th of July, and many more! Be sure to check out their website, follow them on twitter and Instagram: @cottonsnaps, and like their facebook page!

My absolute favorite Cotton Snaps are my pink seersucker ones! I rock those babies every chance I get! You can get this exact pair here.

These American Cotton Snaps are perfect for 4th of July, or just anytime you are wanting to show off your American pride! Get them here.

Gingham! LOVE THESE! Get these quick to wear for Easter :) Get them here.

There are so many other styles and colors to choose from on Cotton Snaps website! Head on over to their site and get you a few to rock with the upcoming warm weather! 



Skipper Bags!

I recently stumbled upon Skipper Bags while I was online shopping one day, and I instantly fell in love! These bags are adorable and I just had to share them with everyone because I want y'all to become obsessed like I am. I recently received my large starfish tote from them and it is GORGEOUS! The aqua and orange colors are absolutely perfect for summer. I can't wait to carry all of my magazines, tanning oil, water bottles, and of course FOOD in it to the beach! Y'all know I love me some food ;) All of their bags are made in Maryland so they are 100% USA made! We all love America! Woo! 

Not only do they have tote bags, but Skipper Bags also makes wristlets, wine totes, pillows, beverage holders and more! Be sure to check them out on their website, follow them on twitter, and like them on Facebook!

My new Starfish tote! This one is the large one and you can find this exact one here!

Lobster tote!

Anchor tote!

Seahorse tote!

Palm Tree tote!

Be sure to check out their wesbite so you can see all of the different products and color combinations available for all of these wonderful bags. Hope to see y'all all on the beach soon with these Skipper Bags!