Cotton Snaps!

I have recently fallen in love with Cotton Snaps. I always loved "croakies", but Cotton Snaps has taken them to a whole new, awesome level. These snaps are not only pretty, but they are so easy to wash and take care of! I personally LOVE the fact that they are held together by magnets on the end so I can just pop them off from around my neck without messing my hair up-- Can I get an amen from the ladies?

The colors and patterns to choose from are awesome. I love that I can pick a Cotton Snaps pair to match my Carolina Cup dress, another to match my favorite bikini for this summer at the beach, an American themed one to rock at the lake on 4th of July, and many more! Be sure to check out their website, follow them on twitter and Instagram: @cottonsnaps, and like their facebook page!

My absolute favorite Cotton Snaps are my pink seersucker ones! I rock those babies every chance I get! You can get this exact pair here.

These American Cotton Snaps are perfect for 4th of July, or just anytime you are wanting to show off your American pride! Get them here.

Gingham! LOVE THESE! Get these quick to wear for Easter :) Get them here.

There are so many other styles and colors to choose from on Cotton Snaps website! Head on over to their site and get you a few to rock with the upcoming warm weather! 


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  1. Anonymous3/21/2013

    Absolutely LOVE these!!! I am going to buy the beau and I a pair as soon as I get paid!!! So many different options... I love it!