Southernly Stated

We all know I am loud and proud about being a southerner, and nothing shows my pride more than my t-shirts and tanks from Southernly Stated! Whether you're looking to go the American route, wanting to sport your favorite team on game day, or just wanting to make sure everyone knows you grew in the God-graced South, Southernly Stated has you covered. Here are just a few of my favorites from them that you can find on their website (be sure to tell them A Southern Lady sent you when you check out!):

Not only does Southernly Stated have you covered with t-shirts and tanks, but they also have koozies and croakies! Get them here.

Y'all know I love my sunnies, shoes, jewels and boys! This shirt is perfection!


Let's go Tar Heels! Don't worry Duke fans, they have y'all covered too.

Loving those mason jars! Truly a southern touch!

This tank and t-shirt are perfect for 4th of July!

The classic Southernly Stated t-shirt is one of my favorites!

I know St.Patrick's Day just passed... but who wouldn't want to kiss a southerner??

Be sure to check out their website and see all the great things they have to offer! When you check out, let them know A Southern Lady sent you! ;)


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