MiKel Rumsey aka My Sweet New Friend Who Makes My Hair Look Fab!

Ok, so I'm one of the pickiest people EVER about who does my hair because I've had my fair share of horrific hair appointments where I leave crying and want to shave my head. One time, I ended up with pink hair. PINK HAIR. I mean we all know I love the color pink, but pink hair is just taking it too far. Ever since then I have been so skeptical of anyone wanting to do my hair. For the past 6 years I have gone to my home girl Krystal in my hometown. I would drive 3 hours home from college every 6 weeks to get my trashy roots fixed and Krystal was literally a hair God send.

Most of y'all know when I graduated college I moved to Charlotte, NC. While I was there I tried a few different people and nothing was just tickling my fancy well enough to go back. All you ladies can relate and know that if your hair looks bad, your clothes will look bad, your makeup will look bad and your whole day is just ruined. So if any of y'all ever met me in Charlotte, sorry about the mess on top of my head. Don't judge me. 

I moved to Columbia, SC about 2 months ago and was so stressed out about finding someone to do my hair. I mean, a new city means new boys and I couldn't be walkin around lookin like a hussy with nasty locks!

Through Instagram I discovered MiKel Rumsey. I am a FIRM believer that if someone can't make their own hair look good, they surely can't make mine look good! As I creeped through MiKel's pictures, not only did i develop a woman crush on her because she is GORGEOUS, but I absolutely loved her hair, so I figured I would give her a shot! When I showed up for my appointment I was a little nervous but as soon as we started talking I knew she was my new best friend... even if she didn't want to be ;) I went in there knowing that I for sure wanted my hair a certain way, and MiKel advised me differently. So, I trusted her, and I'm so glad I did!

Mikel knows exactly what she's talking about, will be honest with you about she thinks will look best and be best for your hair, and is just as sweet as a cupcake!

Not only does MiKel do color and cut, but she is AMAZING at wedding makeup and hair! Here are just a few examples of her work... 

If you are in Columbia, or know someone who is in Columbia that needs their hair done by someone who won't steer them wrong, MiKel is your woman! I promise you won't be disappointed! Also, she is willing to travel for weddings and would love to help you look beautiful on your special day! Give her a call at Bombshell Beauty Studio at 803.779.1811! Follow her on Instagram to see more of her amazing work!


  1. Anonymous7/31/2013

    These styles are beautiful!

  2. The hair styles are so beautiful!! The flower crowns as well!
    I was wondering if you'd like to follow each other. :)

    ♥Stacey Nguyen